Get Paid to Write – The Ultimate Resource List of Blogs That Pay for Content

Looking for paid blogging and writing opportunities online?

There are tons of lists out there on this topic, but many are out of date or don’t have very much information on each opportunity. And there is nothing more frustrating than going through a list of 100+ sites and only finding five that are still functioning and still paying for content.

This list, on the other hand, is one that will be updated as often as possible with sites that are currently paying for content PLUS applicable details that a potential writer would want to know about those sites before even clicking through to the website. You this list in a Google Docs spreadsheet called Paid Writing Opportunities.


Please note that I didn’t include some of the commonly mentioned article networks, content mills, pay per review, pay based on advertising revenue, and sponsored posting services. I wanted to list sites that have a flat rate per post (ranging from $30 – $450), have strong authority in their niche, or both. The sites included in this list are the kinds of sites you would want to refer future potential clients to when they ask about your previously published work. I also didn’t list opportunities where your content would only appear on print publications or email newsletters.

Information in this spreadsheet includes:

  • The main blog / website URL.
  • Main niche the blog / website targets. Use this column to filter / sort the list by industries you are interested in.
  • Topics that the blog / website wants writers to cover.
  • Starting and maximum pay per post, depending on what the site lists. If the site doesn’t currently list pay amounts, previously mentioned or rumored pay amounts will be listed in the details. Use these columns to filter / sort the list by how much you want to make per post.
  • Google PageRank for those looking at sites with strong authority in search.
  • Alexa Ranking for those wanting to estimate how popular the site is worldwide.
  • Estimated Traffic in the US only via
  • RSS Subscribers if it is a blog and the number is listed publicly.
  • Twitter followers or Facebook fans so you get an idea of how much exposure your content could receive.
  • Whether the blog / website allows you to have an author bio with or without a link back to your website. Use this column to filter / sort the list if you are just interested in getting exposure.
  • Additional important details and notes about compensation when applicable.
  • Link to page with more about writing opportunities.

Why are stats like traffic and social following important? It’s simple. Even if the pay per post is low, you still might get lots of exposure to a new audience who might be looking to hire writers with your expertise. Plus you’ll be adding to your writing credentials while getting paid at least a little something.

To increase your chances of having your articles accepted and getting the maximum pay possible with any of these opportunities, be sure to do the following.

  • Read the guidelines carefully and follow them to a point.
  • Browse through previous articles on the site to see what topics have already been covered. Subscribing by RSS and browsing through topics in Google Reader is a quick way to do this.
  • Remember that most of these sites (if not all) want original content that will be exclusive to them.
  • Keep in mind the site’s target audience and make sure you are writing for them as far as topics, level of skill, etc.
  • Keep up with comments and promote your posts – especially since some pay based on traffic. This will ensure that the site owner will want more posts from you in the future.

To keep this up to date, I will need your help! If you know of any blogs or websites that pay for content or have any issues inquiring about a writing opportunity listed on this spreadsheet, please let me know by contacting me. Together we can ensure that more writers can find better opportunities to get paid!

Credits to Gail Gardner who offers blog outreach services, Freelance Writing Gigs, and Bamidele Onibalusi of YoungPrePro for having maintained great lists of paid writing opportunities to draw off of.

Also, as disclosure, I’ve only written for one or two of the sites listed (although I’m applying to a few more), so I can’t guarantee any of the information listed. Use your discretion when submitting content and collecting payment.

2 Responses to “Get Paid to Write – The Ultimate Resource List of Blogs That Pay for Content”

  1. Hi and thanks for including me! Very interesting chart. I can tell you my monthly readership is much higher, more like 13-14K a month…so that possibly points to the growing global nature of my readership. Writers who need to earn more ARE everywhere!
    Carol Tice | Make a Living Writing recently posted..Freelancers — What Do You Need to Know About Business Writing?My Profile

    • Kristi says:

      You’re welcome Carol! The only stats I have access to are from Compete and they only measure US traffic. And that’s not even too accurate I guess. Thanks for the update! :)

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