The Freelance Writer Directory connects businesses and publishers with freelance writers in their niche or industry. Most websites list writers simply by their experience in article, blog, copywriting, etc. Here, we list freelance writers by the topics they love to write about so you can connect with people who write about the topics you want.

Who is Behind the Freelance Writer Directory?

Kristi Hines is a freelance writer and professional blogger who specializes in blog writing for the online marketing industry.

Why would a freelance writer create a freelance writer’s directory?

It’s simple – I’m asked on a regular basis for people who write about topics that I don’t specialize in. Hence, this directory gives me a resource to point others to when they are looking for writers in other industries or niches.

How does the Freelance Writer Directory make money?

As much as I would love to create a free resource, it hard to do when you count in the time it takes to manage a domain, add listings, and help build the directory’s reputation & visibility online. So the directory makes money in the following ways.

  • Submission fee for freelance writer submissions. It’s just a small fee of $10 USD, but what it does is help maintain the website as well as help me separate spam listing submissions from legitimate freelance writers.
  • Affiliate marketing. Some products and resources listed on this website are affiliate products. This means when someone buys them, I get a percentage of the sale. Don’t worry – they are always good products that I would recommend with or without commission.
  • Job listings from hiring publishers. While hiring publishers can search the directory and connect with freelancers, those who want to just list a job can do so for a small job listing fee.

Why not charge businesses a membership fee to see the directory?

One thing I find interesting about the “charge the business looking for freelancers” model is that some businesses or individuals looking for freelancers might not want to pay high premiums or recurring monthly fees.

This means that freelancers are less likely to be found by people who want to hire them.

Hence, we charge a small fee for freelancers who want to get listed in exchange for the opportunity to be found by anyone looking to hire a freelance writer! If businesses or publishers do not want to take the time to look at the directory, they can list specific jobs on our job board for a small fee.